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So, I've been spending a majority of my time on Tumblr. Right now, I think I've made more posts (both my own and reblogs) on there in the past ten months than I have the first few years on LJ. Sure, compared to some Tumblrs I follow, that's just a drop in the bucket, but that's a huge thing for me.

Despite how relatively active I am on Tumblr now, there are still a few things I'm not completely comfortable putting on there because they delve more into my personal life than I'd like to share. It's weird, but it's because I've mainly designated Tumblr as my fandom squeeing/random stuff area. LJ (and now DW) has been mainly about my personal life, especially this particular journal. (I'd like to think that [personal profile] rfmadison will be my line between LJ/DW and Tumblr when I finally get around to updating that journal)

Anyway, the point of this public post. Here's a few thoughts accompanied by things that I found on the Internet. I'll put them behind cuts.

Sexuality, or lack thereof. )

Religion. Specifically, how deep my faith goes. )

So there you are. A few more things about me. Do I think anyone else will read it? Nope. But it's out there.


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